New files, different folders


Every few days I’m putting a new (selfproduced) file into the same folder (the files are all tagged - same artist, composer, …) but as I’m doing this roon prefers to create a new album! So I have for every tune a seperate album (although it has the same name). File structure is correct and stays unmodified. Is there any solution on this topic?

(Roon core is on Sonic Transport i5)

Many thanks for your work!

Roon is perhaps getting confused by the intermittent adding of tracks. Have you tried rescanning your library? (settings - storage - 3 dots - force rescan)
If that doesn’t work, you will have to merge the tracks manually - see this KB article.

Hope that helps

Thanks a lot Brian!
It did! Rescanning didn’t work but the KB article was the solution!
What a community!!

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