New files not moved from usb drive to library

Using current version of Roon on Windows 7 Pro 64 bit laptop.
Used a usb HDD backup of my Olive server to load my Roon library initially.
Have a more recent backup of the Olive with about 40 new albums that I connected to the laptop and added it to Roon’s “watch” list.
Roon scanned the drive, identified all the duplicates in the library, and the 40 new albums, but did not copy the new albums to the library and provided no option for me to do so.
I disconnected the drive and all went back to where it was - no harm done, but a waste of almost an hour.
So my question is how do I copy the new albums from the usb HDD to the Roon library?

Note: tried Window’s “copy” function to move the new albums to the library using the “do not replace” option for all existing albums, but my SDD drive doesn’t have sufficient space to permit that option, and I’ve no way of directly identifying the CD numbers of the new albums or I’d simply select them one at a time.

Roon stopped organizing files for you several versions ago.

I’m afraid the only way to move the folders is manually with a computer.

One way to reduce the problem is to identify the duplicates then delete them from the drive you want to move the music from.

Alternatively you could export the listing data to Excel, and this will let you see where the music is that you wish to move to the new location.

Need help with your alternative suggestion, which seems the best approach, just don’t know what I’d be looking for.

You can focus on the albums by storage location (Focus > Inspector > “Right swipe” > Inspector > Choose storage location) then you can right click them all > “Hamburger menu” > Export > Export to Excel

This will download an excel file telling you what albums are in the storage location you specified.

It should make it easier for you to copy stuff across (depending how your albums are stored on the other location).