New FLAC 24 bit files not recognized by ROON

Just downloaded a 24 BIT FLAC concert.
ROON does not recognize it. It is not listed in the “skipped Files”
Files recognized and play on Audirvana and my Phone.
Thank you

I rebooted my Nucleus + and did another library scan. the album graphic briefly flashed on ROON home screen then vanished

please close this thread…problem solved

darn it …not solved…i redownloaded the files and added to ROON. When I rescanned my library the album briefly appeared on home screen and then disappeared again. I downloaded a random FLAC album and added that to ROON and it found that without issue.

Thomas have you looked in Settings->Library->Skipped Files

Yes thank you I have and files not listed there.
Interestingly when i delete the files from my NAS and rescan I then goto library and click “clean up” library function 19 files are listed as cleaned up…the album in question has 19 files.
So album briefly appears on home screen when scanning library then it disappears.
when i delete album and rescan the 19 files are listed as Cleaned up.
I downloaded the album from 3 different sources (2 pirated and 1 purchases based from the source) and they all do the same thing.
Album recognized and plays on my POWER AMP phone APP and my Audirvana on my MAC desk top

problem solved.
there was a JPG in the album download.
I deleted the JPG and now music files recognized.
please close this thread
thank you


Thomas good find and enjoy the music