"New" Flags not showing properly

Not a critical issue, but a minor annoyance. The blue “new” flags don’t show consistently. Even among several albums newly imported, for some albums the new flag disappears in a day or so, while others keep it for much longer. What is the criterion for the new flag and how long does it last? It seems completely erratic to me.

Nothing is considered new during the first 24 hours you’re using Roon. After that, it’s unplayed albums added in the last week.

Is there anyway to manually remove these new flags?

They will go away 7 days after import automatically, but no, at the moment there’s no way to remove them.

Did you just add a lot of new content at once? I’m interested to know your situation so we can look into doing better here.

As for me, the build 69 updated resulted in a complete rescan of my entire library (an issue discussed in a separate topic), creating lots of new flags. Like I said, it is not a big deal, and now I understand the rule, I can live with that. The Overview screen still gives me the latest additions in the right order, and that’s all I need. I will use the new flag as a reminder to listen to new purchases within a week. :smile:

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I’m still in the midst of ripping my old CDs. Over an weekend I will do about about 10-15 of them. Which they aren’t exactly “new” albums for me. But no big deal here. Thanks.