New Foals album? Tidal issues?

I know there is a delay at times when a new album is released but its now Monday afternoon and still no sign of the new Foals album.
Is it me or is this becoming a bit of an issue?

EDIT also Nova Twins album was out on Friday too and still no sign of that either. These are the only two new releases I wanted to check out this week

Are you looking in Tidal or Qobuz and what country are you in?
It’s showing from Qobuz in the UK.

I am in the UK. It was on the Tidal app first thing on Friday morning.

It’s a tidal issue. They bundle releases up, add in the extra metadata roon needs and pass it over. If it misses a cut off then it waits for the next bundle.
Roon of course then has to ingest and distribute.
You can favourite it in Tidal native then synch Tidal and it may well appear.

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Yeah I use that workaround sometimes but it doesn’t work for the two albums above .
Thanks for the post

Not much help but it appears this weekend has been particularly bad for various releases not showing up in Roon yet.
They will get there of course eventually.


Yeah I was thinking this too

Yes I have a couple missing including Foals and Dire Straits (though deleted that back out of Tidal again now).
Seema unusually bad this weekend


Hey everyone, thanks for the reports. I can confirm that we don’t have the metadata for either album. We’ve reached out to TIDAL to see if there is a problem as this is highly unusual.


I’m seeing this exact issue with quite a few Tidal albums at the moment - taking many days to arrive in Roon, and you can’t use the usual workaround of favouriting in Tidal and seeing them appear in Roon. Also on Tidal in the UK.


It’s 5 days now and none of the two albums are showing.
If this situation becomes the norm this would be a game changer for me.
Do roon have any influence over tidal or is it tidal basically calling the shots?
What can roon do?

Not all the albums that I Favourite in Tidal are flowing through to Roon. Indeed Roon is only saying there’s a Qobuz version anyway (I have both services).

I know it can take time for Tidal and Roon to sync. I added some last Friday in Tidal that still haven’t shown up though. I would have thought 5 days was enough (I may be wrong). It’s not Region licensing thing either, as the album is in Tidal when I go there directly.

Take one example - Lizz Wright’s latest album Holding Space (Lizz Wright Live in Berlin). Has anyone in the UK favourited it and can see it in Roon? Thanks in advance.

nb The Crusaders - Put It Where You Want it (remastered version) is another example. Roon says not available in Tidal

Roon have not received the metadata for new releases not showing up. I believe @jamie is already dealing with this and he always gets stuff done :slight_smile:

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That would explain it, thanks. I’ll get back in my box then :slight_smile:

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Hope it’s nice and airconditioned :sweat_smile:

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Hey Gang, quick update on the TIDAL metadata snag. I’m happy to report that they were very responsive when Joel reached out to them about the problem.

They’ve completed a fix and it’s being patched on our end. The issue should be resolved soon.

We apologize for the delay and any inconvenience this has caused. As always, we appreciate your reports and help with this. :pray:t2:


Hey everybody, the backfill metadata are now live on the Roon metadata servers. The Foals and Dire Straits albums are there.

We also saw a larger than normal daily jump in the number of albums added by TIDAL, so other missing stuff is probably there too. Please let us know if it’s not.

Final point: at the moment, these new albums are not yet indexed for search (should happen at some point later today, but I can’t say exactly when). Your best bet – for now – is to favourite the album(s) in one of TIDAL’s apps and do a re-sync in Roon.

Apologies for the inconvenience here, but as @jamie stated above, TIDAL were on it as soon as we reported the issue to them, and they delivered a fix as soon as they could :+1:.


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