New Focus Implementation - Excluding Local Library

I have searched the recent threads and couldn’t find anything. Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction and I will be very happy. If not can this be added to the list of missing features that I would like to see implemented again.

With the old focus you used to be able to click the option that you had just selected a second time (it would turn red) to exclude whatever attribute you had selected from the focus criteria. I would like to do this for the “Source > Local” in the new implementation but it doesn’t work the same way, I cannot view results from my streaming provider without including albums that are duplicates in my local files. Or is there an alternative way to do this?

To clarify, I would like to browse titles that meet the following criteria:-

  • They are present in either Qobuz or Tidal and…
  • Do not exist in my library.

Also, the previous iteration used to just list these separately by default and I found it very useful for finding new material that I did not have in my collection.

I have now seen that there are lots of people discussing various aspects of the Focus feature, this would fall into the category of being a loss of functionality that should have been built into the new version but was missed. The results that I am looking for have been available up until now for as long as I can remember without using any special feature sets.

Not sure I understand, tou can still do this as you could in 1.7

This gives me all albums in my library from Qobuz.

If you looking to find albums not in you library then currently you cannot do this, nor could you in 1.7 its not a loss of feature it never had the feature to begin with Focus never looked beyond your library where now it does. This is something they need to add though as whilst you can focus on Qobuz albums in Discography it won’t filter out what you have already.

It is a lost feature because when looking at an artists album listing the suggestions from Qobuz only included albums that were not in your collection.

This view here shows what I am describing perfectly, however I had to trawl Google images to locate this graphic because I no longer have 1.7 to grab images from. With a search for James Taylor, the results shown in the Screenshot include Qobuz and Tidal titles that are NOT present in the local library. There is no equivalent in 1.8 so the only possible option that I am aware of would be to apply a “Focus” however this isn’t flexible enough in the Discography view for my needs.

The Focus criteria in the Discography view do not have the negate function, and I agree that because of this it is not possible to (for example) see only the albums in a Discography that are not in your library. It has been raised with the Roon team.


So you meant general search not focus. You could not focus there at all but your correct it showed albums not in your library for that artist you searched for However the Artists section in old Roon was library only though, now it’s across non library to if you use discography. Using discograpy it shows a logo as to whats in your library but there is no filter yet to show you just what’s not. It was brought up in the beta forum by myself as well as others.

Yes, it was a feature that was available but is now missing. The only possible way I can see to accomplish similar now is with focus but it is not flexible enough in the discography view.

Not yet. Hopefully they fix it soon.