New Gorillaz album tracks unavailable

I know this sometimes happens with new releases but this is still unavailable. Any suggestions please

Looks like it’s past 40 hours for you, like Scorpion still is for me too.

This is a weekly thing.

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Thanks for the reply. Strange that just after I made the post, the tracks became available…is there a higher power :grinning:

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He must love Gorillaz a little more than Drake :grin:

Same for me with the Drake album by the way …still waiting

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Yeah it’s a weekly ting unfortunately. But as per Brian’s explanation above, nothing can be done.

Just gotta keep & use another player on the side.

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Yeah it’s not a huge issue, I just thought this was a long delay this time

How strange, The Now Now has been available in full since yesterday morning for me. Drake’s Scorpion has showed up this morning.

Geographical regions probably also factor in when an album shows up (or doesn’t show up at all). i.e. the country of origin of your Tidal subscription.