New H390 Owner needs help

Having issues with upsampling in Roon to my new H390. Anything other than “For compatibility purposes” just results in noise. Tried custom settings and the Hegel automatically shot the volume to 99! Scared me and hopefully did not cause any speaker damage. Any thoughts or suggestions?

You don’t say what you are trying to upsample to. I just looked up the DAC specs for that device and see this:

Resolution Digital Inputs
Resolution Coax 24/192 + MQA + DSD64(DoP)
Resolution Optical 24/96 + MQA + DSD64(DoP)
Resolution USB 32/384 + MQA + DSD256(DoP)
Resolution network/UPnP 24/192 + MQA + DSD64(DoP)

So depending on what you are attempting, could it be that the DAC in your device does not support that resolution? In my experience a res that just results in noise means that you are trying to upsample to a resolution that is not supported by your device.

How is your H390 connected? Via usb or ethernet? Maybe you will need to install a driver, if you are running Windows 7 or 8.

Using USB only at this time. Tried all options with nothing greater than 384. 2x Upsampling basic 44.1 to 88.2 only results in noise. Same with all other native resolutions, just noise. A little nervous attempting custom settings again! :thinking:

What happens if you use the network connection to the Hegel and try upsampling that way? I would try that and if it works then the interface between your computer and the Hegel is the issue. If you still have the issue on the network side then the issue is with your DAC.

The Hegel 390 isn’t Roon Ready yet is it?

Not yet.

Ten chars.

I wonder if it has a different internal processing rate than the 190?

The Hegel guy on here said that the 390 and 590 have different DACs compared to their “younger siblings”.

OP still has not said what sample rate he is trying to achieve. edit just seen he did :see_no_evil:

Yes but Benchmark does the same thing. Their DAC 1 was set at 110, but the DAC 3 is 211. So maybe thought the 390 did something similar.

@Gary_Waul You may want go give us a bit more detail on your system here :slightly_smiling_face:

I have nothing greater than 192 native. Not trying to upsample to greater than 384 via the usb connection. I have tried every option to achieve this with no success, just static noise. The only network connection with Roon is AirPlay limited to 16/44 so that is not an option currently. I have been using Roon for many years with previous devices but have never encountered this problem. My connection to the Hegel is directly from my Roon ROCK core until the H390 is Roon Ready. I assume this is functional since it plays perfectly without any Upsampling. Just using the filters options with the compatibility only function right now.

Figured it out. I have to assume that the Hegel does not report maximum sample rate data via the USB connection. Roon attempts to upsample to 705.6 or 768 which the H390 cannot handle. I got brave and used the custom setting again, making sure that the volume did not default to 99. This time it worked correctly. Frustration from assumption! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::sunglasses:

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Under Settings=>Audio it is also possible to set Max sample rate (PCM) for a device. Look under Device setup=>Show advanced.

You can also set a max volume within the Hegel itself. It’s explained in the manual.
Once you have done that, the volume setting in Roon represents a percentage of the max volume set in the Hegel. So let’s say you maxed your Hegel at 50, a volume setting in Roon of 100, will result in 50 on the Hegel.

I’ll check, I don’t remember this option before during initial setup.

I did just that to keep the unit from maximum volume when testing. Thanks!