New hardware and HQP Licence

If my NUC desktop has burned out, I would like to re-register to new one. Is it possible?

Cannot help you with this, you will have to ask at @Jussi_Laako, the develloper of HQPlayer

I’m pretty sure your HQP Desktop license will work on your new desktop machine.

Have you tried it?

But for license queries, people should email him directly. He will respond faster than on forums.

I use Euphony + HQPlayer licences. Both of them are connected to HW fingerprint. By Euphony I have already received new registration code (the old one was deleted), but from Signalyst I haven’t received any answer. I have thought, that I have licence connected to specific HW, but if I make f.e. upgrade (or buy new one, like this case), I would be able to transfer to it. I have written Jussi here in forum, so I hope for answer.

Sorry I assumed Desktop version.

If you have Embedded license then you need to send Jussi your new fingerprint by email. You can transfer Embedded license to new machines once every year or two.

You should email him directly. He will respond faster than on forums.

If he hasn’t replied, you’ll just need to wait a bit.

If I have tried old xml file, it doesn’t worked. By buying, you put actual HW fingerprint and from that is generated new licence code. If you buy new HW, the fingerprint is another and has to be generated new licence

Thanks, I will wait for answer :slight_smile:

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When did you email him?

He told me once, if he doesn’t reply in 3 or 4 days, it’s ok to email him again.

Today morning. I have thought that is a company like Euphony, where they answered very quickly. Now I see it is one man company, so I will wait and when he doesn’t replay to the end of week, I’ll try again.
Thanks for kind help

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