New iFi Zen Stream device

Wow that is unlucky and then some. So if you plug Ethernet in do they start to work?
What debugging have you done, as I saw a number of early failures, but things have generally been great for people over the last 6 months or so.
Be good to get your feedback

Always plugged in using Ethernet.
On start up would never play straight away, always needed to select 1 or 2 different albums/tracks to initiate music.
Squeezebox touch plugged in plays straightaway , no issues whatsoever.
Bonkers because I so want the IFI to work, it does sound great, it’s not particularly expensive but it’s done me in.

That is bad news, I would be very frustrated like you probably are if that happened to me.
So in AIO mode are you able to run everything besides playing music?
And is this from Roon?

Does it look like it starts and nothing plays?
Lets see if anyone can help you with some advice

It was working great on Roon exclusive and then it disappeared.
I changed the unit to AIO setting and it showed as apple airplay in the Roon audio devices page but would not play. (Roon is also nolonger available on my iPad).
I unplug it it , plug in the nearly 20 year old squeezebox touch and the bloody music comes gloriously flowing out.

So have you updated it to get it to Roon Ready release?
just a thought, you might want to check that out

Man that sucks, and I have no doubt you’ve troubleshooted the hell out of this. But four blown units honestly makes me worry about your wall AC—have you perchance tried a multimeter or fault detector to make sure you’re not getting spikes?

On a different subject, did anyone else notice that the ZS is for sale in the Roon Store, and it’s the only network streamer they offer? Looks like iFi has forged quite a partnership with Roon…


No I had not seen that, but we were talking about how being Roon Ready could give a boost at that low cost of entry, so clearly it was not just us having this conversation.

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Sounds about right. Just out of curiosity, do you have a Nucleus? I’m trying to figure out how it would connect to my DAC if the ZS is occupying the USB slot…

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No I have a Nuc running Rock, but in the early Days I was using the Roon Core NUC to drive my DAC over USB via a a USB suppressor and a high quality USB cable.
I have to say it sounded great. I only swapped it out due to not wanting the fan noise in my living room and as I read up on the Roon recommendations. Now I have a NUC in a silent case I would have no issue going back to that if I needed to.

Not sure if that is your use case or not

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I’m just wondering how I would use the Nucleus and the ZS with the same DAC. The Nuc has two USB ports, one of which I assume can be connected to the DAC. But my USB port on my DAC is occupied by the ZS and the Nuc doesn’t have a coaxial output, only HDMI. I have an IIS input on my DAC but surely the HDMI out on the Nuc has a different pinout. Was hoping there would be some way to daisy chain the three, but it sounds doubtful :frowning:

The USB ports on Nucleus are not optimized for audio use. You will be disappointed with the sound. Those ports are to attach an external hard drive or CD-ROM drive for ripping.


Thanks David—what’s the optimal port to get the audio then? I’m not sure I get this thing. Can it act as a Roon server that I could stream to the ZS? How’s that different from just attaching a large SSD to my Roon Core computer?