New iMac and Roon/Tidal transfer

I will be trading in my current iMac in the near future for one of the new 5K 27" models and was wondering if my current Roon, Tidal and Qobuz libraries could be transferred to the new iMac without too much trouble.?.I plan on having this done , hopefully, by the ‘Genius Bar’ staff.I have all my CDs / SACDs and downloaded music on an external HD.I should be able to just reconnect that with its USB.

Good god, no!

On your old machine, backup your Roon library using Settings==>Backups
Install Roon on your new machine.
On your new machine, Restore using Settings==>Backups==>Find Backups

Do not use Time Machine.

Connect your music drive.


Hey @David_Smith, we have a great article covering all you need to know about migrating Roon to your new machine, you can check it out here. We strongly advise against using Time Machine or any similar backup/migration tool for Roon.

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