New Installation: Auralic Altair - Synology DS1515+

Auralic Altair into Copland pre, Icon Audio Valve Monos, Martin Logan Electromotion

Synology DS1515+

Gigabit LAN with Ubiquiti UAP-AC Pro Wi-Fi

Synology has 4 x 3TB drives in RAID 5 with 256GB SSD in Slot1

Installed Roon on SSD, controlled via Macbook / iPhone while I source a secondhand iPad Air2

2534 Albums / 26196 Tracks - FLAC and lots of 24/96, 24/192

No issues whatsoever. No dropout, no stutters and fast as f**k!. OK granted its nt a massive library, but I don’t think it would make a huge difference given the low processor usage on the NAS. No idea why people on here keep recommending all kinds of kludges when the NAS/Endpoint solution works a treat. Keep it simple folks, Lesson seems to be use a fast wired connection and decent dedicated WIFI.

Many thanks Roon guys for coming up with what appears ti be a cracking product!

Glad your setup works well for you. Others regardless of library size may put the processor under more strain and the atom in your nas may not be up to it. Remember Roon recommends an i3 minimum.