New installation, no audio devices

Hi @support,

Sorry for asking for resolving a topic listed elsewhere but scanning those threads, their resolution didn’t help my issue.


PC: Intel i7 6700K, 16GB DDR4, ASUS Maxiumus VIII Gene motherboard (latest BIOS), Intel 750 400GB NVMe SSD for OS/Apps, ASUS Dual GTX1060 3GB video (latest driver), Windows 10 Enterprise, on-board Intel I-219V 1Gbe NIC.

Network: ASUS RT-87U router. QNAP HS-251+ NAS - fw 4.2.3 (both on HDPlex 100W LPS).

Music: Stored on public SMB share. PC -> USB -> Curious Cable 1.5M -> Uptone Regen -> Curious Cable Regen Link -> Chord Hugo TT (ASIO 1.04) -> Mundorf Gold/Silver wire w/ Eichmann RCA -> Focal Alpha 65

Roon 1.3 (build 208) stable (64-bit) - from RoonInstaller64.exe

After launching, it enumerated the storage and built up the library. I keep getting No Audio Devices Found. If I restart the app and look for the audio devices, it shows this:

But soon after, it becomes this:

If I click refresh, it just spins for a long time. I stop after an hour.

My other audio apps (JRiver MC 22 and Foobar 2000) can find the device without issue. I’ve tried disabling Windows Defender and the Windows Firewall. Currently, I have excluded the RSAATSERVER.EXE and ROON.EXE from Windows Defender.

Nothing works.

I’ve rebooted the NAS and PC and power-cycled the DAC. What may I be doing incorrect that’s preventing me from using Roon?

Thanks in advance.

PS. I tried attaching the log file but it won’t let me.

Hedwig Poon

I have the same problem, yesterday everything worked, but today the same problem as you.
if you got the problem solved, please let me know
E Jansen

Any chance I may get some assistance?

My installation prompted to relaunch due to an update (build 209) but the same thing occurs. It briefly shows my devices but tried enabling some, then everything disappears.

#support @support


Hi @Hedwig_Poon1 ----- Thank you for the report and my apologies for the wait here. I would like to grab a set of logs from you and will be contacting you momentarily via PM with instructions.