New internal drive for core and database

I have a Nucleus Plus with a large library (on a NAS) and therefore a large database stored in the internal drive along with the Roon Core.

According to the web administration page, the drive capacity of 114GB currently has 30% free. This will decrease as the database expands.

My question is, can I install a larger internal drive at some point and copy the core and database onto the new drive, and if so, how?

No you probably cant…the Roon Nucleus software needs to be installed by Roon on a new SSD and sent to you unless you have some pretty geeky chops and can get into command like stuff in Linux too.

How big is your library?

Over 481,000 tracks.

Hopefully, If t comes to it, Roon offers such a service at not too high a cost over and above the price of a new SSD and postage.

New drives might be 250GB for the Plus units, but I would check with @support first.

Why not just copy the music files from your Nucleus + to an external storage device? Then install a new HD or SSD in the Nucleus +, format it and then copy back music from the external storage medium.

He is worried about the Nucleus Boot drive and Database consumption - not his music location

Actually I think Roon can also update a ROCK install to Nucleus/+ on their certified hardware and maybe with Proof of Purchase. I saw this noted where someone had tried to install Roon Rock on their Nucleus some time recently. Maybe if you are out of warranty or the price is not VFM it could be something to negotiate with Roon.

That’s right, my music files are located on a NAS. It’s the boot drive which I’m thinking about.

I bought my Nucleus Plus second-hand but I would not have thought that would be a problem.

did you mean that?

Not sure what Roon’s policy is on transfer of warranty on their hardware but best to wait to see what support says. Just have to wait till this floats to the top of the support request queue.

Try cloning the drive to a larger one using special software on a PC.

Yes, I do mean that. My figure reads “30% of 114 GB available”. If it should come to it I’d want to upgrade to the larger drive.

I don’t think it’s a warranty issue - there’s nothing wrong with my boot drive - it’s just that I might, in the future, want a larger boot drive.

And just to be clear, I don’t have a problem with paying Roon for a new boot drive with greater capacity with Roon Nucleus installed. I’d then just sign in to the core and install my database from a backup. What I don’t know is if Roon offer such a service and if so, how much it would cost.

Normally, if you’re the original purchaser, you can also install ROCK, then ask Roon for Nucleus firmware by providing proof of purchase and serial number.

I was meaning that if you do it yourself you might void any warranty that might still be in effect.

I don’t know what Roon might offer directly to Nucleus owners. And, it probably would void any warranty, but, wklie suggestion of cloning the drive would be the way I would do it.

Hi @Colin_Green1, if you get to the point where you’re running out of space you can reach out to us at contact [at] We can work with you to get you upgraded. Thanks!

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Thanks, Dylan.