New internet shortcuts under "Around the web"

Is it possible to add links to around the web section such as or

When browsing albums and artists the convenience of a link such as shopping other albums of the artist from amazon may prove to be useful … The same goes for other websites like hdtracks .com…etc

Not yet possible, but would be a great feature. I requested this almost 2 years ago:

-1. I wouldn’t want Roon to become a marketplace, thank you. I know my ways, I know where I buy and if I miss something there’s always Google. Please, Roon, keep my listening environment clean from marketing filth. I hate it, hate it, hate it! Exactly the reason why I don’t watch television anymore (commercials), would be a pity if my Roon lifetime membership gets polluted as well.

If… IF you do… PLEASE provide a 100% opt-out from the roaches… Roon is MINE, I don’t want ANY commercial website to interfere or even slightly bother me while listening to my music. If I would, I would have chosen some half-baked free product, not a premium-priced product. Nor do I want Roon to become financially engaged with (and thus dependent on) this. I would immediately ditch Roon for life.


I think it’s a given it would be opt-in only if considered.

I’m with you - I don’t like uninvited marketing - but in this instance I’d actually like options because it would add convenience if I could chose who to add. If at any point I didn’t want it anymore I could remove them or disable the feature entirely. My choice.

That’s how I envisage it anyway, and I think that’s a completely different proposition to the software forcing you into something.

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The wisdom of the crowds as evidenced in Amazon reviews would have a lot more value to me than so many of the “expert” Rovi reviews. Honestly the quality of the All Music meta data is atrocious. The sooner Roon can move towards flexibility as far as meta data content, the better. More providers, more options to include that content for the end user.

In my opinion, Roon should stick to building a platform… they are doing this very, very well. Make a content consumption platform that can integrate any number of meta data providers. Leave the content to as many others as possible. Build technology and get out of the business of content provision. Roon I love you but your content (per Rovi) sucks.

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I fully agree with your suggestion! But that’s something completely different than the one above. You’re talking about users (without commercial interests) as opposed to shopping / sellers (with commercial interests).

Of course, the next issue then would be to agree on what source(s) to use. For example, with movies, the Dutch Netflix rating is horrible. I mostly like the bad ratings and I mostly dislike the good ratings. IMDb is much better IMHO.

So with something as subjective as music, Roon is likely to always make the wrong choice for at least some part of its user base. Dilemma…

Just to be clear, my suggestion/request was to allow the user to add his own web links for artists, or remove ones that are already there. These web links for me would be to relevant webpages with information about the artist. I am also not keen to bring any advertising or shopping aspect into Roon - though I appreciate what pscreed says above about the Amazon customer reviews being very interesting. As ever, allowing the user to choose and edit the weblinks does not tie anyone down to anything they don’t want to do!

ı Think that a link outside roon whether Wikipedia/Instagram/facebook or another site like amazon ( or hdtracks or is not any different from one another. I understand people asking for a clean Roon away from marketing or such stuff but for me a link to facebook is as useless.

Roon says “What you get is a searchable, surfable magazine about your music.” So it is not a pure audio application. You can browse and jump to links and etc… In this regard people may seek for different things and you always have the option not to click to that button. For me it is the facebook link concert links or Instagram links I never use them but I don’t mind that they are there. But of course it would be best to turn of the ones you don’t need. In my case I would like to make Wikipedia as the only option if it was possible. There fore I don’t think that such an option would turn Roon into a mess. Amazon was just an example anyway. But there are many music websites that people could take advantage of.

So By the way I never check the " similar to" and “Influenced by” sections thus I would be very glad if I could turn them off completely