New iPad 2017 vs iPad 9.7 and 10.5 Pro Screen

The cheapest iPad 2017 doesn’t have as high a quality screen as the Pro series of iPads.
If one was only using the iPad as a Roon remote and not for movies etc does anyone who
has had a chance to compare have a view on it. Are the typeface and album covers as good with the cheaper Ipad or is it worth shelling out the extra for the better screen.
Many thanks

10.5 is stunning.
I had an old iPad replaced it 3 months ago with a new [12.9] one. One advantage is that you can use it in landscape mode or portrait. I basically use it as a remote control device with a little web browsing.

Thanks Shawn , does Roon work in portrait now on the 10.5.
I thought it was only the 12.9 or do you mean portrait mode for browsing ?

My apologies, you are correct 12.9, this is what I have.

Thanks Shawn