New IPad not connecting to core

Synology Core

I’ve new ipad which despite lots of effort simply can’t find the Synology core. It was a replacement, which still works as does the other 4 iOS devices in the house. The only thing different is that I restored the setup from my old iPad, though the new has a different IP address.

Rebooted everything , but running out of options.

My dearest to whom the iPad belongs is not impressed with my technical skills !

Hi @ian_frost

Is there any change if you uninstall and reinstall the Roon app on the iPad?

Is it connected to the same network? Did it maybe get connected to a guest network or something like that?

No, I tried that. The iPad can connect to other services on the Synology via it’s IP address, but doesn’t respond when using the scan IP address from the ROON connection screen

Most puzzling is why my other IOS devices work fine