New iPad Pro 11" will it work in landscape and portrait for Roon?

(fred) #21

Here’s how it looks on new iPad 12.9
Hope Roon will adjust it + portait mode support


I hope so too. Such a waste of space, plus not being able to use in portrait mode.

(Mr Fix It ) #23

As this hardware is barely a week out of the box I’m guessing some tweaking with the iOS client builds is going to coming

(Dylan Caudill) #24

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let you know we are investigating the display issues on the new iPad devices. I’ll be sure to update you here as soon as any new information becomes available.

(Mr Fix It ) #25

Intermittent is the quote issue…can’t select text in a thread to use “quote”

I edited it out of my post above as it started working but now it’s not again…yes I have the option on in my user prefs. Maybe this is a forum issue but never noticed until now.

If I refresh the page then it works…odd

(Jucun) #26

I will buy Ipad Pro 11¨ and I have the same problem.

I think this is an interesting solution:

Could the Ipad be roon Core in the future?

(Mr Fix It ) #27

Not possible. But if the future is open ended then I guess you never know, but I’m guessing in the few years it’s highly unlikely.

(Jucun) #28

It’s a shame as it is very powerful, laptops can be roon Core.
I think it’s more a question of roon’s wish.


Any updates on this issue @dylan ?

(Mr Fix It ) #30

I thinks its more a case of the platform is not designed for server based computing…client its perfect

(Dylan Caudill) #31

Hi everyone,

We have a ticket open with our development team for this issue. I can’t provide any specific timeframes for a change, but I’ll be sure to keep you all updated here once we have more information available.


Thank you! Important thing is you are are working on it. This year it appears it’s taking you longer. Last year it only took you about a week since the iPad Pro 12.9” gen 2 came out


Hoping both new iPads have portrait support!

(Per-Øyvind Ødegård) #34

Portrait mode is not working on my new 2018 Ipad pro 12.9, it worked fine on my gen 1 ipad 12.9.


Roon is looking into this known issue. Crossing finger for next iOS update


I have noticed the new USBC iPad’s show any DAC connected as a headphone rather then a USB device. DSD (plays but lots of white noise) and MQA playback is impossible. The 3 new iPhones, still with lightning connectors continue to work fine with the CCK and show up as usb devices.

(Mr Fix It ) #37

@SPDTDL I have noticed the same thing. But havent tried MQA…but I think DSD did work on an OPPO HA-2 with Onkyo HF Player…at least it was playing DSD files.

(Roger Corman) #38

I’m using a new iPad Pro 12.9 with USBC. I’m playing it through a Dragonfly DAC connected via Apple’s camera/USBC connector. It seems to work fine. When playing an MQA track off tidal, it indicates MQA 96khz, and the DAC lights magenta indicating it is seeing a 96khz signal. I realize the DAC doesn’t support MQA natively, perhaps that is your issue? It just sees the DAC as the default audio device to playback through.

I’m also eager for them to fix the bug with portrait mode.


This is dragging so long. I wonder why. Last year, with the second gen iPad Pro 12.9”, they fixed the orientation issue within 10 days from release


I’m hoping it’s because they are so close to releasing a new UI/UX it’s not worth the effort of fixing this.