New iPad Pro 11" with Chord Mojo

Is anyone using the new iPad Pro (which has a USB-C port) with a Chord Mojo as Roon endpoint, and if yes, what cables/adapters are you using to make the connection?

Will this configuration support high-res streaming?


Yes – works fine.

I use my Mojo primarily with a Poly – but it worked fine with this adapter (I need HDMI as well for business purposes):

For just USB, this adapter will do the job – just add a USB-A to micro-USB cable:

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Interesting – I had not considered this as an option. Does this support all rates? Or are they limited by the iPad in any way?

PCM works fine up to 768kHz (given your WiFi-network is up to it) – here’s my iPad Pro 11” playing to the Mojo:

DSD (DoP) is a no-go: it plays – but with a lot of white noise.

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You should also be able to use something like this.

It works now with no adapter, I use a Belkin USB C to micro usb cable and it is perfect. Goodbye dongles.


I’m also getting no DSD (DoP) on the the 12.9" iPad Pro. Tried different cables and the OWC usb C travel Dock.

Do you need any adapter to connect the iPad Pro 2018 (with USB-C) to the Chord Mojo? Can’t you just use one cable?

Same, I can’t get DSD or MQA (xdsd), tried official and unoffical adaptors. If you look it shows the end point as iPad (headphones) whereas on my iPhone XS Max it comes up as iPhone (USB Device). DSD and MQA working fine on the iPhone.

This new ultra powerful iPad just keeps hitting iOS barriers, so frustrating.

Is this site correct, in that you can’t connect the Mojo directly to an iPad?