New iris xe integrated graphics card 11th gen. intel

I’m considering a new nuc type pc for light work and roon core alongside a 27 inch 4k monitor. I understand the argument for a dedicated core but i need one machine for all purposes and i run an ipod touch 7th gen. as endpoint into my chord dave very successfully. It has been stated that intel integrated graphics are fine for a roon core but that a dedicated gpu is better. The hype around the new intel iris xe is that it is intel’s most powerful integrated graphics to date.

Given the above would the new intel iris xe integrated graphics alongside the new 11th gen. intel i5 or i7 mobile processors when running a 4k 27 inch monitor be sufficient to run the roon core graphics requirements to a high level of performance? Finally given all of the above would running an i7 give better results for a 4k display than an i5? I only use roon for tidal/qobuz streaming with 2 to 3 thousand saved albums. Thanks to all.

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