New(ish) Music! What are you discovering?



One I thought you might like Sallah. Thanks for all your recommendations, been digging loads of them…


thanks! Yes i like the Tunng you recommend here. Not heard of them before. Nice1.

Great creative mix. Looking them up now. Folktronica. Hah. Not seen that one before :slight_smile:

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The missing link, if you will, is no way for the person on the receiving end of the share to get any more info on the artist/album/song. Sharing is, or should be, more for the sharee than the sharer.

How many of you have manually remembered and typed in an artist from this thread to get more info? (You can’t even copy and paste, because it’s an image. :man_facepalming:) How many would if you could easily click a link?


It’s a long slow road both for Roon as a company and for us as paying customers to see improvements in the UX. I’m not sure just why tweaks like you suggest can’t come faster. It always seems like Roon has bigger fish to fry.


At the very least, it should say available from Tidal if it’s a Tidal track.

The problem I feel is that we are seeing, after 3 years, the effects of the 1st stage of delevopment where many “little things” were put in place and work to a degree, and were/are good in themselves as ideas, but were rapidly implemented, lacking in depth, because of overall time/costs constraints. Now after 3 years in the field, these relatively minor features are looking a little worn out, so to speak.

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Good find, cheers


Quirky one this one. Bjork springs to mind. Never got into Bjork mind you. This appeals more, to me. Bit more jazzy. Great sound.

As we’re getting all ready for qobuz… :slight_smile:

EDIT— Oops sorry @hwz1970 i see you’ve posted this already. Oh well. Better 2x than not at all :slight_smile:


New album by acid jazz/afro beat poet Anthony Joseph… great to couple super afrobeat sounds with some thoughtful prose…


nice bit of melodic alt-prog-metally stuff…a catchy listen. Steve Wilson, Riverside style.


This is new to me… Psalm-Jazz… hmmmm. Works weirdly, mainly for the good jazz side of things. I’m not really a collector of the Psalm genre :slight_smile:

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Priorities. I get it. Not gonna keep me from using and liking Roon completely. It’s a tertiary feature for me.

Just means I have to go to the Tidal app to actually share music with my friends. NBD


Cracking great Blues Rock sounds here…

(Jan) #274

A great debut from a 21 year old girl from Örebro, Sweden.


Great bit of Indie Pop.


A very nice listen. Thanks for your recommendation.


thanks, yeah , quite a refreshing sound. Reminds me a bit of Daft Punk.


Thanks for the recommend @the_rev , i find myself listening to this recurringly. It keeps finding its way back on somehow. Very catchy…


Now to the other end of the spectrum. From highly produced pop to sparsely recorded music in its purest form. Vocals and occasional guitar… spellbinding, especially when listening via headphones…

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Just discovered this guy by using qobuz. Really like a bit of baroque pop.

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I agree with your points, though I still really like this thread.

My work around is to take screen grabs every time something comes up that I would like to listen to.

It really would be a stand out feature to somehow have a link in the shared album that would take you there in Roon, you’d obviously need a Tidal account.