New(ish) Music! What are you discovering?


@jtnt is right though. Ill start to paste a text version of the albums and artists in my posts to copy and paste. Also helps when searching the thread.


Actually, im quite enjoying revisiting stuff which people recommend, which I didn’t give the airplay to when I bookmarked it first time round :slight_smile:

(Mr Fix It ) #284

This has made my day…brilliant and raw - such a talent lost - now on Tidal


Never been a prince fan. Don’t know why it never gelled with me. Will try this, maybe it’ll spark something. Thanks

(Chris ) #286

We hosted Daisy Chute on the weekend and I found out about the Coffee Music Project which aims to promote new music and emerging artists. I was impressed…

(simon arnold) #287

Liking this.


Great new, jam-bandy style album, think Tedeschi Trucks, Devin Allman, and such…instant feel good stuff.

(simon arnold) #289

Love the 50’s/60’s vibe. Reminds of the late Camera Obsucra but with out the strings and horns. Lovely stuff.

(Mac Rebant) #290

Some lovely psychedelic/jazzy/electronic music. Reminds me of Taylor McFerrin

(Mac Rebant) #291

And couldn’t resist listening to Taylor McFerrin next!


Check this out. It’s worth it…

Following the success of their 2015 album Astronautilus, jazz-rock mavericks Get The Blessing return with their spellbinding new Album ‘Bristopia’.

Blending their mutant jazz sensibilities with spacey electronics and post rock atmospheres, ‘Bristopia’ ventures into new, unexplored territories. From the jagged, interweaving brass patterns of opening track ‘If It Can It Will’, through the brooding atmosphere of ‘Bristopia’ and absorbing, haunting melodies of ‘Not With Standing’, the Bristolian quintet channel subterranean depths and soar from dizzying heights, leading the listener through a complex labyrinth of tangled melodies and sliding soundscapes of dark, immersive production.

Having been conceived, born and raised in Bristol, the band now pay tribute to their hometown with an album that careers around the city’s one-way system (not always in the correct direction of travel), darting into some of its hidden alleyways and lesser-known night-time hot-spots, and occasionally just stopping to take in the dizzying vistas of sprawling buildings and distant hilltops.

Enlisting the help of regular / irregular collaborator Adrian Utley, whose guitar-sprayed some strikingly unexpected colours across some of the objects, they then persuaded pedal-steel guitarist Margerethe Bjorklund to add some skilfully applied brushstrokes to the piece.

With this powerful return, Get The Blessing send their sonic transmission deep into the furthest corners of the universe, setting the pace for the current UK Jazz revival, demonstrating that the early pioneers of the scene still have something important to say.

"this outfit will surely recharge the jazz world” (BBC Music Magazine)

“the heavyweights of the contemporary jazz scene” (The Independent)

“cool…stylish…irresistible” (The Telegraph)


What we are listening to [2018]
(Henri Serton) #293

Through Qobuz I just discovered Shai Maestro and Avishai Cohen.


Gave Get the Blessing a whirl. Interesting stuff. Bit like Bad Plus meets MMW :slight_smile:


David Crosby - Here if you Listen.

Great new collaborative effort. Lush sounds, great harmonies. Crosby is really enjoying a late life rennaissance - at 77, long may he continue!



Lera Lynn - Plays Well With Others

Really liking this alt-folk/rock album. Jaw droppingly good sound in places, and some really nice melody, lyrics and arrangements… a keeper…


Paul Weller - True Meanings

It’s funny how one’s preconceptions can completely cloud judgement before one even gives something a chance. I had been merrily avoiding this album, thinking bluster, ott, etc… but it turns out it’s a really sweet acoustic, low key affair, poignant and melancholy… quite exquisite in places. That’ll teach me not to read the reviews. haha.


The Countdown, Richard Lloyd of Television fame. I really like this. Sounds raw, yet great at the same time. A real retro feel to it. Lou Reed, and Neil Young spring to mind.


A really fun listen. Excellent sound and plenty of cues taken from his original sounds. The has had more spins than most lately, I keep coming back to it :slight_smile:

Equinoxe Infinity - Jean Michel Jarre

(Martin Webster) #300

Newly discovered, only 36 years’ new! Thank you @Chrislayeruk for mentioning Penguin Eggs. I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t heard of Nik Jones, but soon discovered the tragedy that denied one of the best guitarists of a generation his craft.


Fun bit of funky stuff…