New(ish) Music! What are you discovering?


Great sounding pared down blues album here…

(Nicholas) #323

If you like this, you should check out his (Andy Shauf) solo work, particularly the album “The Party.” Here, allow me to manually link to that album on Tidal, which Roon should allow me to do automatically (an unlinked image is useless for “sharing” anything online). :slight_smile:

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If you like Molly Burch, check out Nicole Atkins.

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Thanks will try her out tonight. Oh that did not come out right. But you know what I mean.


For Pokey Lafarge lovers try this…Old time sounds, foot tapping stuff!!

(Wayne Bull) #327

Leifur James - A Louder Silence

Favourite Tracks: - Mumma Don’t Tell & Salaninam

Great Album

(simon arnold) #328

Thanks for this, very Dusty if you know what I mean. Nice to Isaacs pop up to.


Well this was a nice discovery this evening. Thanks solely to the Roon discover feature :slight_smile:

Tucked away in my collection waiting an airing…hauntingly different yet instantly familiar at the same time. Definitely a keeper this one.


maybe one day :wink: “The Party” a fave of mine from 2016 for sure.
Thanks @jtnt



Really getting back into the new music again, great fun. And some super sounds coming up. Great to see new posts coming from everyone. Keep em coming :slight_smile:

Here’s a fabulous new Contemporary Country album, beautiful stuff. Can’t take this one of the “player”…

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Which country? :slight_smile:


Oh you!!!

General countries. We like all the countries here :slight_smile:


Here’s another great new release… from Ozric Tentacles front man Ed Wynne… all the great Ozric Sounds without the guff… very good.

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(Tony) #339


Nice with a curry. Check out “10. Traces of You”. Anoushka Shankar accompanies her half sister Norah Jones in a tribute to their father Ravi Shankar.



here’s a jolly slice of alt-pop. Some killer hooks here, won’t let you go…It almost feels like summer again.

edit: I wonder if my tastes are regressing with age… I seem to be enjoying the music of the young far more that I feel I should be, lol. Any of you feel the same?