New(ish) Music! What are you discovering?


This may sound like a hackneyed cliché, but I really think “music knows no age”.:wink:



yes and no. I mean… i would never have considered enjoying, say kylie minogue or michael jackson or madonna, or whomever was the flavour of the day and who had their own voice back in the 80’s and 90’s when i was young(er) :slight_smile: - yet now am smitten by the modern good pop. I mean not the stuff which tends to be part of the hit factories.

What it’s saying to me is that actually taste may diversify with age?? But i think it depends on the person… some of my friends are narrowing their taste with age for sure.


What I meant by my statement is that there are narrow-minded teenagers and open-minded 80-year-olds (and the other way round, of course). I strongly believe open-mindedness has very little to do with age. But this doesn’t mean that our tastes don’t change/develop as we grow older…

Just listening to this. Pretty sure I wouldn’t have liked it at primary school…:wink:


very true. I think our natures exaggerate as we get older :slight_smile:


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Ah Sallah, you are a man after my own heart, can’t wait to give this a listen. Excellent find!


Sorry Tony, I’m not going to let you get away with that…!

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Love the cover.


My pleasure, I was a fan of the Ozrics in my more… ahem… experimental days :slight_smile:

I lost touch really by the mid 90’s. I think Jurrassic Shift was my last great foray into Ozric country, although I have Arborescence on CD also, and a load of newer stuff on HDD. Really the big “classic” album for me was Erpland. Fond memories.


hi ged, yeah check out some of the covers by the Ozrics… really were great - classic like Roger Dean almost.



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It’s one of those bands I know of but know nothing about. I will have a listen. I lived through the prog rock explosion with guys at school having ELP triple albums etc.


Yeah Erpland and Strangeitude were my favs. Recently acquired the latter on vinyl, took me back a few years!


Def give the new Ed Wynne a go, highly reminiscent of OT at their finest. Erpland’s brill and Jurassic shift is consistently good. Really the theme is of complex yet spacious soundscapes, driving rhythms, swirlind synths and great guitars… brilliant!


This is really a re-release of a 2003 album by Paddy McAloon (Prefab Sprout). First time hearing for me…

It’s not what I was expecting, being a PS fan of the 80’s, lol.

More of a Neo-Classical, Jazz-Classical, spoken word odyssey, but very compelling. Or rather that should be AND very compelling :slight_smile:



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Great find @Sallah_48, thanks.

I feel the same regarding great pop music. Have you tried listening to Lorde and Marina and the Diamonds?


Not checked them out. Ive heard of Lorde; but then i got confused between the scandinavian viking metal band and her, and the moment was gone, lol :slight_smile: - thanks for the reminder.