New(ish) Music! What are you discovering?


This young lady is unknown to me; just saw this pop up as a new release. Very interesting prog-jazz-funk sound…


Great new jazz sounds here. Exhilarating stuff with a distinctly modern feel.


(Anders Vinberg) #365

Spalding is a superstar. At 34, she is a professor at Harvard and has four Grammys, including being the first jazz artist to win Best New Artist.

I especially like


Excellent Anders. I’ve just listened to that Emily’s D-Evolution album again. It’s a masterpiece.

There are so many different styles going on but with an effortlessness which sort of defines a new genre in itself. There’s elements of Beefheart, Zappa, yet mixed in with prog flourishes and a funky sound which makes it entirely more accessible on first listen.

I’ve always personally defined true great music as music which is initially engaging yet reveals more and more on repeat listen and then eventually keeps rewarding emotionally decades or potentially thousands of listens later. This could be one of those.

Ive not yet ventured further than the 2016 album, will check others!

(hippyeverafter) #367

Since subscribing to Qobuz Sublime have broadened my horizons away from mainstream rock to this example. Would not have happened without a streaming service.


Nice one. I have albums by Rhiannon and Leyla. Great sounds. Check out their solo albums. Will check out this release, thanks for sharing.

(Chris ) #369

I saw Amythyst Kiah in a tiny venue, Coggeshall Vinyard in Essex. My friend James Partridge was running her UK tour.

She is one of a kind, that’s for sure.

(Frans) #370

Radio Mediteran from the Omer Klein Trio, very good and vibrant:


(Rob OK) #372

New to me, incredible piano and sax. His bio is impressive…


(David Nightingale) #374

One of my favourite albums from recent years, released at the start of this month.


Not sure, but those “embed” features via iframe might not be allowed here (iframes can be bad…), so just add the url - better than nothing. :wink:

(What I entered:

(David Nightingale) #376

Thanks. Clearly I was over-complicating it :slight_smile:


Quite nice music, btw :slight_smile:


(DevinDahlgren) #379

Her first one is great too!


(Larry Post) #381


Roon Radio’s Great! (with a capital G :slight_smile: )