New(ish) Music! What are you discovering?

(ein) #383

Roon Radio’s Great! (with a capital G :slight_smile: )

Yes, 100% true!

(DevinDahlgren) #384

New Danger Mouse with Karen O is excellent! A bit of Zero 7 feel on a couple of the tracks. !


(DevinDahlgren) #385

Here’s one for you Folk Rock fans!


(Jan) #386

Rediscovering Truls from Norway.
Great production.

(Mike O'Neill) #387

is the finings factory still there …

(Chris ) #388

I’m not certain…

(Mike O'Neill) #389

I was Head Brewer of the brewery in Romford in the early 80’s , all our beer was fined with finings produced in Coggershall, I used to go to “inspect” the factory and the local pub :joy:

Didn’t know they had a vineyard,

(Chris ) #390

Wow! That’s a small world… yes, the Vinyard is a lovely place with a bar and restaurant up top and a very small basement where James Partridge sometime puts intimate gigs on.

I get to see some great artists there…

(Mike O'Neill) #391

I roamed many of the byways of Essex in a Professional Capacity, my excuse. I used to pull rank to get a duty driver. Monthly Trade Visits

Not quite he same in South Africa alas , but we do grow wine as well even the beer has gone US Euro since the SAB buy out :unamused: