New(ish) Music! What are you discovering?


Try Opeth

And Riverside

And Pineapple Thief

The latter 2 are a bit more melodic mainstream than the towering Opeth.

If you are not familiar with Opeth, the lead singer sings on Supper’s Read (Steve Hackett, Genesis Revisited II version)

Enjoy all!! :slight_smile:


PS… I know what you mean about SW, it’s taken me ages just to listen to a few albums. Pretty dense, albeit commercial :slight_smile:
I like Hand Cannot Erase by him and Raven Refused to Sing. I need to get into Porcupine Tree, but catalogue is so vast, tricky to know where to dip in first. I have listened to a few and liked but nothing’s “stuck” per se.


Listening to Dead Meadow. Took a few mins to sink in,to get into the spirit of things… enjoying now


“Modern Creative”

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So I’ve been investing most of my day at my workstation allowing me to listen to lots of Steven Wilson, Pineapple Thief, and some Porcupine Tree. Please take my opinion as just that. We all have our likes and dislikes. What I experience when listening to music like this is perfection at the expense of musicality. I hear layer upon layer, excellent sonics, precision execution and a common prog vocal style. I can imagine myself seeing them live and being blown away sonically but…I not sure I’d be tapping my toes all that much. I often struggle to find music in this genera that “sticks” with me. When I listen to the likes of Radiohead, Sparklehorse, Alt-j, Six By Seven, etc., they too are perfectionists but to me, their music has soul, emotion, creativity, uniqueness, and it’s timeless.

Go ahead. Tell me I don’t know shit! I can handle it.

(Steve) #86

(DevinDahlgren) #87

For fans of Folk/Rock. These artist are nothing alike but both include songs that start out simplistic and build over time elevating you from chill to eff yeah!!!

Dark Mean is based out Canada.


Yuko is based out of Belgium.



Hey, no worries, Devin. Can’t hit a home run every time :wink: . I know what you mean. Alot of the stuff which is superbly played leaves me cold too. Maybe there’s a reason I don’t find myself going deeper than 1 or 2 records in to a 20 album catalogue… hmmm… food for thought.

For me. It needs a spark of soul to it. I suppose it’s why I love blues and americana more than anything.

Plenty more good stuff to work on.Lets move on :slight_smile:

Here’s another (relatively) new talent putting out some great American/Neo Trad stuff:

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I know what you mean, I have the same thing with Pink Floyd for example.


Lol. Like that, Miklats. Was processing that one only yesterday in fact. Good call!

(ref Joy Ride)

(Dick Vliek) #91


Like both of those, Devin. Thanks! (ref Long Sleeves and Dark Mean) - they’ll be going into “The Borg”


Good stuff Dick. I like that (Buffalo Tom) never heard of them before. Eminently listenable. Right up my street. Thanks


This is a nice album. Really quite a bit retro, sounds like something a good synth band would have churned out in the 80’s

Don’t let that put you off! Its mean to be +ve, lol


Ok, last one for tonight. Promise.

This is one of the few recent albums to really stick with me over the last few years…

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Ha, very nice! I just ordered that album on vinyl…

Great thread! I love the Bandcamp links, they make it so much easier to spend money! :flushed:

Speaking of which, here’s a band I like that I found because I randomly bought the record in a store without knowing anything about them (I do that sometimes). Hard to describe what they do, but it’s very melodic and fun to listen to.

This one is good too:

Something quite different (electronic) that I’m getting back into is Zola Jesus. They also have an upcoming album that should come out soon.


Check out Jason Lindner’s “NOW VS NOW”. Poetry meets fusion & progressive jazz…

(I discovered this album two days ago, but it was released in 2009…)


“Contemporary Classic”

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The Borg…nice! Each of those albums saw non stop play for weeks as I discovered them.

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I’m a big fan of Junip and other works of Jose Gonzalez, including his time with Zero 7.