New(ish) Music! What are you discovering?



Cool thread! Love discovering new artists.




hi jrd, i love this album too. Discovered it a few weeks back. Anna has a great lyrical turn of phrase. No messing about there! Lol.



(Andrew Webb) #126

If you search “puke” in Tidal, you find some interesting stuff. Thanks for that.

(Mark Edwards) #127

I’m a bit late too this thread, lots of great suggestions. Its going to take me a long time to get through it all.

I can’t wait to hear more from this young lady:


Just finished listening to this album. Some good stuff here. Like John Butler Trio/Jack Johnson but with a bit more of a reggae influence.


This is quite cool. In the style of Esbjorn Svensson Trio…Quite a dense and intense in places, but really moves along nicely.


(Chris ) #131

You could do no worse than listen to Cerys Matthews on BBC 6 Music for something different and some lovely surprises. Expect to be challenged a little also.




This is an interesting album, ignore the 2.5 stars. The write up certainly doesn’t reflect this either. This is a rarer album which needs several plays to yield its fruits, sorry just realised what i wrote there, lol.

(DevinDahlgren) #134

I always avoid the ratings. Taste in music varies too much to miss out due to a low rating. Pitchfork gave Alt-j’s, This Is All Yours 4 out of 10. What a joke, in my opinion.

I’ve enjoyed earlier Wand albums for their fast pace garage rock sound, and when I heard this one, I thought it was a completely different band with the same name. But given it was the same band, I listened on. Now I’m convinced it’s their best work yet.

(DevinDahlgren) #135

In observance of Wand, I’m still a big fan of their earlier work, which is simply fun rock and roll. It’s what we here in the States considered a California sound. If fun rock and roll works for you, do check out Ty Segall, Meatbodies and the masters of it all, Thee Oh Sees. (I posted their latest release earlier in this thread) Especially the last 3 from Oh Sees and if you have the chance to see them live, make it happen. They’re a two-drummer band and the drummers are front and centered on the stage playing in perfect sync with one another. All are at the top of their game skill wise and the energy on stage is incredible. This YouTube video might help convey what I’m saying. Oh…and I was at this show.

(DevinDahlgren) #136

I picked this up two weeks ago and been giving it several listens and its good. It’s real good. Well, at least I think so. I’m really into this psych-rock thing these days.

(Dick Vliek) #137


Some lovely sounds here. Im not a huge fan of country music, but when it hits the spot, there’s nothing quite like it. This is great…


Nice recommend Devin. Thanks! Def good for 2am listening, like right now!


Darn it that Blaudzun is catchy, Dick :slight_smile: