New Jarvis Cocker album on Tidal not appearing in Roon

I notice that the new Jarvis Cocker album Beyond the pale is on Tidal but so far isn’t available on Tidal through Roon. Is this a glitch or is there a lag before it shows up on Roon?

I can see it here in UK

There is sometimes delays due to Tidal not providing updated database dumps in time on releases days. This has been covered many times on the forum. Roon doesn’t use the API that others use as to have the level of integration they need more from Tidal and this doesn’t always happen as quick as things are released, they seem to drip feed it

Thanks, is there a lag between different countries, I’m in Australia.

The artist is Jarv Is… and not Jarvis Cocker. I was confused at first to begin with. Once I added it, I just added Jarvis Cocker as a primary artist.

Hope you can find it.


ahh yes, thanks for the tip

If its all similar to the song radio 6 are pushing at the moment, Roon is saving you,

I read a good review in the Guardian and I’ve recently been listening to Jarvis Cocker’s Sunday service from 2010 and it made me feel more accommodating about his music. Sure he’s not a great singer but I think he’s more interesting than a lot of the albums that came out over the last couple of decades :slight_smile: I think that there’s probably really very little that’s up to the standard of say Nina Simone, The Small Faces, Beatles, Kinks, Frank Zappa, Scott Walker, Left Banke, Aretha Franklin ect ect, though it’s fun continually seeking. I’m listening to Jarv Is now and there’s a few tracks that I’d recommend listening to.

The one playing on radio 6 just seems so lazy. I know he is not exactly dynamic as its his personality, but still put a little effort in!

Thats the great thing with music though I guess horses for courses and all that. I discovered ‘Agitation Free’ just recently, fantastic stuff but from before I was born lol.

Yes I agree he does seem deliberately lazy. I hadn’t heard of Agitation Free, I had a look on All Music and they’ve given them a positive rave, and persuaded me to take a listen. Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

check out ‘Malesch’ first.

cheers for the tip