"New" Jazz Tracks?

Going into the “Jazz” genre in Roon’s TIDAL menu, I’m presented with a list of “new tracks”

Trouble is, none are new…all of them are from 2019 or earlier.

I’ve checked a few other genres and it only seems to be happening with Jazz

@support ?

Does anyone else have the same issue?

Hi Trevor. I see what you see. Everything in the “TIDAL” part of the app comes through directly from TIDAL, so it would appear that they aren’t actively curating those tracks. I will ask them though.

@Trevor_Nathan We confirmed that TIDAL are no longer curating new Jazz tracks. What they said is that Jazz is not a genre where singles are typically released, so it was hard to curate well.

@joel thanks you very much for following up on this, much appreciated :+1:

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Well, it’s a very strange statement. No one forces you to add tracks only from singles, you can make playlists from album tracks. At least they have such regularly updated playlists:

And so on.
Maybe the point in their statement was that this “new tracks” category is fully automatic and not manually curated, unlike playlists?

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