New laptop and KEF LS50 wireless speaker playback problems [Resolved - Firewall settings]

Hi guys,
I’ve just installed Roon on my new HP 15-CC109NA windows 10 64bit i5 8gb quad core laptop but at the moment Roon is not streaming TIDAL properly.
If I connect my KEFS direct to the network via Ethernet cable, when I try to playback a track I get the message ‘Roon lost control of device’.
If I connect my the KEFS to the laptop via USB and try to play a track, it plays for about 3 seconds before stopping and displaying the message ‘this track is not currently available from TIDAL’ is displayed.

Neither of these issues occurred using roon on my previous setup.

Any ideas as to what the problem might be?

Kind regards,

Same results with firewall turned off?

Yes, same issues.

Just tried using the Tidal app and that works fine.
Does that mean it’s a roon compatibility issue??

Problem solved, it was my firewall settings after all!
Back to musical bliss I go!