New Lennon Plastic Ono Band Ultimate Box Set--Ripping in JAPANESE!

I use dbpoweramp to rip my cd’s. For some reason, it’s ripping this set in Japanese. any ideas on how I can get it to rip in English?


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HI Peter,

When you go to rip an album in dbPoweramp, you can click on the iconn which will give you other metadata options and you can click on the correct one. useful for opera!

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Or in the very worst case, you can type in the correct english tracknames before (or even after) ripping

Yeah, but ugh

Take solace in having English as your preferred language :wink:. Other languages have suffered greatly from the metadata concentrators imbuing them with English title casing. Ripping non-English CDs is a marathon of manual title correction.

I often use a Mac app called Metadatics to alter album metadata when for some reason a CD rip is not quite the right version. It works well:

If you’re on Windows, I’m sure there is something equivalent. What I like about it is that it connects to the MusicBrainz metadata source service.