New library -- every album shows up twice

Roon Nucleus 5i running 1.7 (571)

Brand new music library (after a hdd failed) and a new scan by Roon. Not using any of my old data.

EVERY album shows up twice. They are not split; just showing up twice.

Is there an obvious fix? TY!!

have you done a library maintenance?

what does your roon, Settings, storage look like?

Unfortunately Library Maintenance didnt help. Just tried it. After maint. it shows 0 files to clean up, but still see two copies of every album.

Storage looks pretty benign:

I just turned off “Show hidden tracks and albums” and all the dupes went away.

I’m not convinced that’s the right PERMANENT fix…if there is something off with the libary.

Hi @Bart001,

This should definitely help to keep any duplicates from displaying. Typically there are only duplicates if there are duplicate files in the watched folder or you’ve added a watched folder twice. Since we know you only have one watched folder, duplicates are most likely from multiple versions of an album in the storage location. I’d be happy to help take a closer look if you you’d like, but the setting change you made should also do the trick.


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