New Linn klimax dsm organik not support dsd256 by roon

I use roon more than two years.It support previous linn klimax is well.But the new organik one is update dsd to 256.Roon still recognize the old one only support on dsd128.Hope roon update the support.Thanks.


Hello @18648643,

Thank you for getting in touch with us. Previous Linn Klimax models have been certified with Roon but newer Linn products, such as the one you’ve posted about, have not completed the certification process. Using the identification icon for an older model will result in what you’re seeing.

Additionally, some features of new products may not be available in Roon until certification is complete. This device should work with a wired connection but have limited features in Roon.

I do not follow what is said here? What is the identification icon for an older model? And what is the identification icon for the newer model?

Hi @QuinnT,

That’s probably because I said it quite poorly. :rofl:

Occasionally, customers will identify a newer uncertified iteration of a device as the older certified model. When this is done, the characteristics of the previous device are implemented for the new device and this typically results in poor performance and the absence of features that have been advertised for the newer model. We recommend against misidentifying devices in the Device Setup panel for these reasons.

thanks @jamie.
But I do not see anything in the Settings/Audio that can directly identify the new Linn Klimax DSM/3.

It should have been certified before Linn launched it.

P***-Poor showing on Linn’s part, IMO.

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@QuinnT, that’s correct. It’s not yet certified. Therefore there’s no device icon or means to select that device in Roon.

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