New LS50W 2.4 firmware this morning

I had a notice in my Kef app that there was a new 2.4 firmware version now available well as 1.1.6 W-LAN firmware . Mac update tool also available. I updated without issues or hiccups and now playing again.

Same here, mine updated with no issues.

My mom’s, however, failed to update twice due to low WiFi signal strength. We had to connect her laptop via ethernet and then the update worked fine. Now we need to figure out why her WiFi is so poor only 15 feet away from the access point…

Do not worry. There is probably no problem with your WiFi.

It seems to be typical for the update process of the KEFs, that they lay their wlan-connection or disturb the Wlan-connection of the laptop during the update.

Tryed it with Windows and Mac. Both the same. Update is only possible with ethernet-connection of the Laptop

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Thanks for the info. I was doing tech support for her over the phone. Finished it at midnight finally, she is loving the speakers and ROON so far. She also just bought an Oppo 203 to try. More tech support in my future. …

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Works for me as well on the 2nd try. My ls50w have never sounded that good. Previously, only played it via Apple TV and the sound quality streamed via Roon is completely different. Thanks Roon and Kef for this collaboration.

Updated firmware using a Mac - no issues - smooth upgrade. There were no specific issues that I was looking to upgrade for - just did it to stay current.

Roon integration is still flawless.