New MacBook Pro and Roon

Have been using a MacBook Pro [2013] to control Roon [Nucleus + as Core] and am wondering whether the new M1 chip models [Pro and Max] play nicely with Roon. Anyone have experience with new models

Running Roon control app on Macbook Air M1 and Mac Mini M1 with no issues. Mac Mini i7 as Roon Core.

Rosetta enabled on M1’s for now.

Roon still is an Intel-Binary and requires Rosetta. Other than that, I have no problems. Running Roon as a Remote on a M1 Mac Mini and on a M1Pro MacBook Pro.

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I have a late 2021 MacBook Pro as one of my Roon Control (along with iPads) points running without any issues. Roon itself sits on my SGC i5. All Rock Solid except for Roon always turning on my iPads volume which drives me nuts.

I’ve recently moved up from a mid 2012 15" MBP to a 16" M1 Pro model and it’s been nothing but wonderful. No issues restoring from a backup and I was up and running again in no time. The thing that took the longest was the 3 week wait between the death of the 2012 MBP and the arrival of the new model! Enjoy your music, cheers!

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2012 macbook pro? wow!

my 17” macbook pro is still going strong, and no desire to down grade to any thing lower than 17”.

That machine was a trooper! I had maxed out the RAM at 16 GB and put in a 1 TB SSD quite a few years ago and that added considerably to its lifespan. It was working fine until it wasn’t - I wanted to replace it, but wasn’t really planning on it. But, honest, it died, I swear I didn’t kill it so I could get a new computer!

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