New MacBook pro with touch bar

I am currently running an old MacBook air late 2010, core 2 duo with 4gb ram as a roon remote and it struggles if there is anything else going on. I am in need of a new laptop and was considering one of the new MacBook pros with the touch bar, i5 2.9ghz, 8gb ram, and 256gb ssd. Is anyone here using a new MacBook pro? If so are there any issues with the new usb-c adaptor and do you have any suggestions other than the base model like to upgrade the processor or ram? I really don’t use it for anything other than music with roon, browsing, email, and making the occasional powerpoint but am almost aways using roon streaming tidal while doing so.

Save money and buy a used 13" MacBook Pro (2012) 2.5GHz i5. I sell these everyday fully loaded and save clients tons of money.

Nothing wrong with the new ones except that they are pricey. USB C is awesome except that it’s going take years before companies start releasing USB C audio stuff.

where do you sell?

Are you located in Canada?

I use a 15" TB and it is a wonderful machine. The touchbar is pretty useless imo, so for your use I’d consider the 13" non-TB. Design and finish really is a step up from the previous models, sound from the machine itself is much better than before and the screen is gorgeous. If you have the money, go for the new one.

USB-C is a non issue: plenty of replacemeny cables for anythig you could want. For a DAC you wouldn’t need an adapter, just a different cable (usb-c to usb-b).

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Thanks for all of the help. I live in the US.

I use one for almost everything. 90% in clamshell mode at my desk so I don’t deal with the touchbar a lot.

I really appreciate that it’s thinner/lighter than the last gen. Keyboard, trackpad, screen, and SSD are better. If I could trade the touchbar for a function key row, I would do it in a heartbeat, but I can deal.

USB-C has been more positive than negative for me. now I can plug 2 cords into the computer when using it at my desk instead of 3-4. Buying replacements for USB-A cables (instead of adapters) is key. I love that all of the phones and laptops in the household can use the same chargers–really simplifies things. At my desk, I have good hubs/port replication where it matters, so I can plug into a couple of monitors, ethernet, keyboard, mouse, etc easily.

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Why don’t you guys make the touchbar something really special in Roon? Would be great if we could individualize the touchbar in Roon with functional “buttons”.

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Please don’t. I literally have only looked at the brightess and volume buttons, and then only maybe twenty times, since december.

Even when the touchbar would be special you don’t have to use it. But it is on you’re Mac, why not. Some shortcuts in the touchbar would be great. Or just “play”, “stop”, “next” etc. But shortcuts like “albums”, “playlists”, “artists” would also be amazing.


I have my own 15" MBP and one that work issues me. I love it. All the complaints about USB-C only is much to do about nothing. It’s a great and very versatile port. You can get tiny little USB to USB-C adapter for $6 or $7 on Amazon so thats not exactly a hardship.
USB-C is coming on strong not just with Apple so lots of choices already and it won’t be years before there are specific cables. I have quite a few right now.