"New" marked albums in Roon - focus/filter? Manual unmark "new"?

I guess it has been asked before, but can’t find a post.

Currently importing my CD library. Usually, newly added albums show up marked as “new” in the album browser with the blue ribbon in the upper left corner.

When does this mark “disappear”? After a certain time, or once I listened to the album?

Is there a way to filter/focus on “new” albums?

Is there a way to manually unmark the “new” tagged albums?

Thank you for your help.


It disappears after playing one track or after 8 days.

Besides the ‘Sorted by Date added’, you can use Focus and select the ‘Added’ option and then select ‘Week’ or a specific range.

There is no option to disable or clear the new indicator, you have to play or wait.

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Thank you - excellent clarification.