New Metallica track not found in Roon


I’ve just finalized my custom Roon core and love it.
(NUC10, 6 Core i7, 16GB RAM, 2TB internal SSD, Akasa case, fanless)
I love the suggestions of Roon, way better than Tidal.

Today I’ve noticed some strange issue:

Metallica has released a new track. In Tidal it was suggested and available, in Roon I had no chance at all to find it. To listen I was forced to use Tidal connect … in Roon I does not find it whatever I search for.

First I thought Tidal is in Roon, so shouldn’t be any difference in catalogue. Second I thought searching in Roon means a search inside of my local libraries AND the configured streaming service, in my case Tidal.

What is wrong here? Did I miss something?

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What is the track and when was it released?

There is some latency from when Tidal (or Qobuz) push their catalog to Roon, then the Roon systems have to ingest it and then once complete it’s available in Roon.

Sometimes the track is in Roon’s DB but the search indexes have not rebuilt yet.
If this is the case, favoriting the track in the Tidal app, with make it visible in your Roon library.

If not, you have to be patent for a couple of days, if it not available after than then I’d suggest creating a in #support to get the Roon guys to look at it.

Hi, here you go.
I’ve as well forced the core for a new sync with Tidal and made a reboot…track is not available.

I have it in Roon as a Qobuz track, in Germany, but not as Tidal

I just looked here and cannot find it in Roon. I liked it in Tidal but it has not shown up (tried syncing).

Looks like the album 72 Seasons will be released April 14th. so…you may need to be patient like @Carl said. It may take a bit for it to show up?

But you did get me playing enter sandman… so that’s good… :slight_smile: :laughing: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Now on Sad but true: :slight_smile:

I know that the album comes in April…but this track is already released and possible to play in Tidal…but invisible in Roon!

Interesting…I’m as well from Germany but have Tidal.
Within Tidal available and possible to play, withon Roon not visible at all…

The track shows up in Roon through Qobuz.

The Tidal app does show and play it. I’m from the Netherlands.

You have to be patient. It should show up in Roon eventually.

New music day is normally Friday in Tidal with a small delay before Roon picks it up. Could that be the issue?

Probably as Roon shows the Qobuz release date as march the 1st.

I see it in Roon now.

Same here. Both Qobuz and Tidal.

That’s for album releases. Singles tend to be released Tuesday/Wednesday.

It is there now so all good.

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Agreed, I see it too now.


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