New music added to library takes Roon about a day to find it

I have an issue is with newly acquired music, and maybe someone can help me with this… If I get some new music and and add it to the library directory, it takes Roon about a day to find it.

I have the ‘analyst’ throttled - I’m not sure want that thing chugging at fast - is there any other way to quickly add or locate new music?

Settings ==> Storage ==> Force Rescan.

Thanks Guttz -
yea, but that too seems like a lot over overhead / time to add an album - I don’t want to wander too far from the original topic - but again, a browse or something would be helpful to add new music - drag it through something to add ? - thanks again -

Then don’t set it to “Throttled”. You are the one making the choice here and that will cause delays.

Hi @Speed_Racer, adjusting those setting …


Won’t affect how quickly Roon discovers newly added content … only how fast (once discovered) the audio analysis takes to complete.

Hi @Peter_Gallagher,

You’ve not said but I suspect you are running the Roon Core on a non-Windows platform and the music files are on a NAS.

The underlying issue is that not all implementation of the SMB file sharing protocol are as good as each other.

What should happen is the when you add files the NAS via SMB should send a message to the machine(s) that have visibility of that shared folder structure … and in turn the OS on that machine should inform Roon that there has been a change. Unfortunately with some NAS / OS combinations this is not as reliable as others. (As an aside … I use Windows 10 and a QNAP NAS and it’s fine).

To help mitigate this there is the “Force Rescan” that @xxx advised on and also there is an automatic periodical rescan that can be set (1 hour is the shortest period).


As far as I know the only other options are likely to involve switching OS and/or NAS manufacturer or using locally attached drives rather shared.

Out of interest what OS and NAS are you using with Roon?

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If your music watch folder is on a NAS then this can cause issues with auto detection as not all NAS devices
are good at communicating file updates to other OS. Roon has made this clear in the docs and it’s not something they can control. So it’s likely that Roon is only detecting them when it performs a regular rescan of the entire storage. I has this issue as well when my ROCK was using NAS for watch folder. Since moving to local storage it’s updated more or less instantly.

Thanks all for the quick response - The Roon Core is on a Windows 10 machine installed on a SSD. The music library is on Synology DS1813+

If this happened:

That would be of course the optimum solution, and more along the lines of what I’d expect - but I’m not sure that’s happening? I understand the situation - it just seems to me that a force scan seems like quite a trade off to simply add one album. Even with a re-scan, it takes a few hours. Just one mans opinion. If the SMB issue is a known problem then It might be nice to consider having another option to add new music. - but I certainly can understand the reasoning not to add that type of functionality… I think part of it is I’m an old guy, and used to browsing for my stuff :slight_smile:
thanks again everyone.

I’m not so familiar with Synology but it’s worth checking and making sure it’s running the latest firmware.

On my system (Windows 10, SSD, 16GB RAM plus QNAP i3, 16 GB RAM hardwired to a 1GB LAN) a “Force Rescan” with circa 250K tracks take less that a minute. I’m wondering what else might be going on here … is your Roon Core and NAS hardwired to the LAN or via wireless?

well, duh … I was equating a re-scan with re-importing my library - I did a scan and took a couple minutes - this is a fine solution - thank you Carl, as well as to Mr Fishgutz !!!


No worries, there’s quite a steep learning curve … I’d recommend checking out the Roon Knowledge Base it’s a great reference for both new and more experienced users.

Every time you add new music files to your library Roon will analyzing the whole library? That take 2 days for over 100000 files?

It doesn’t re-analyze the whole library. That would be insane.

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