New music files not appearing in 1.3

I started using 1.3 yesterday. The spinning indicator on overview page seems stuck at an unchanging value now. Has not changed value overnight. Upon initial opening of 1.3 it did a scan of all files and they populated Roon. Background audio analysis is really slow but that has been covered in other threads. I’m using 4 cores and it’s a bit faster.

NOW, my issue is that new music adds are not being recognized. I added some 20 new albums today and none show up in Roon. When I access the Roon files, the new adds are there, just not being recognized. Will this resolve once all the background processes are finished or is there a way to force Roon to rescan? In the past builds, when I add files, they show up immediately under recently added.

For reference, I’m using SonicTransporter AP with MicroRendu.

Thanks in advance for any info or advice

If the audio analysis is not complete, then that is probably your answer. I personally don’t do anything like adding new music until the basic analysis is complete.

Background Audio analysis has completed after almost three days. I followed that progress from the Settings page under library background analysis speed. That countdown finally accomplished.
The spinning icon on welcome page continues to spin and the window that opens from it gives total tracks imported and below that files scanned. Neither of theses values have changed in over a day. My SonicTransporter AP is churning away on something as the spinning drive is running continuously. 46,728 tracks Imported, 3863 files Scanned are the numbers.
As before, no newly added Music files are being recognized.
Also, automatic backup is failing with a quota exceeded message.
Is this normal behavior? Do I just need to be patient? Worried about the nonstop heavy activity of the SOnicTransporter.