New music recommendations not already in Library

Sections, such as Recommended Artists, more often than not suggest artists I already have in my library.

Would it be possible to at least have a filter so that only suggestions NOT already in my library are shown?

I also find these sections too small and rigid regarding the number of recommendations. There must be tens of thousands of artists out there, in genres I’m interested in, that I’ve never heard of, but trying to find them seems like an impossible task. Could there be an option for a more randomised selection? This would then change each time you go into it to at least provide a chance of sifting through the myriad possibilities.

Hi Brian,

I agree, the sections can be a little small, but seeing hundreds could just become overwhelming, and I have found it annoying when recommending artists which I know well and already played from my library, however at times, I may only have a single track from that artist, and they may have a body of work of many albums etc, so it’s a good way to find them.

From the Artist page in your library, there are further artist recommendations, which I find better than from the ‘genres’, or from Albums page, seeing the recommended albums.

I also find very good for recommendations, if you like to ‘scrobble’.