New Mytek Brooklyn slows Roon Interface - [Resolved]

My Roon system Interface was quite snappy; but now after installation of a Mytek Brooklyn DAC, it is slow. A click to a new genre or Tag freezes the screen for about 30 seconds. Album images are not populated, the music playback cannot be paused or started. This behavior was not present with the previous DAC.

System config is Sonic Orbiter AP running core,bridge and remote, Core USB to Brooklyn DAC via ALSA usb2.0
Previous ASUS DAC in the same config was snappy.

Android Remote is still snappy.

It seems to slow when the music is playing, must be a resource issue. I’m thinking Roon RAAT is very busy and other fuctions are being put in a que.

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I’d try experimenting a little. First I’d try rebooting everything and see if it goes away.

Next remove the Brooklyn and see if the problem goes away. If so, then using the same ALSA connection, connect something other than the Brooklyn (spare external drive, something) and see if the problem goes away or continues.

If you’re not sending music to the Brooklyn, then just having it sit there (Powered On) should not impact CPU time on the SO, unless there is a network port problem on one of the devices that is eating CPU between the two devices.

OK, new information. DAC is no longer connected to the sonic orbiter now connected to a laptop functioning as the bridge and controller. All mouse and keyboard function repeatedly locks up for about 20 seconds, then frees up and functions properly until the next freeze.

Martin does the laptop lock up if no music is being sent to the Mytek (i.e. just sitting idle)? If so, does the laptop come back if you put the Mytek into standby? If the problem only occurs during the playing for music to the Mytek, is there any pauses in the music? Stutter? Your first post said you were navigating albums (changing genres, tags, etc). Were you playing music while navigating albums?

Did you use the same USB cable for both scenarios (Sonic Orb and Laptop)? If so then try changing the USB cable and see what happens, but key here would still be the question regarding how the music is sounding. If the cable was a problem I suspect you wouldn’t get any consistent audio quality. But worth a try.

You might want to pass on the RoonCore Logs to Roon Support to see if they can spot any errors that might help identify the problem.

By everything you describe it sounds like you have a bad USB port on the Mytek, but if music is playing then that blows that theory. However, if possible I’d try another input port (e.g. SPDIF) and see if the problem continues. Also are you sure you have the latest USB drivers installed? It really sounds like a USB issue on the Mytek, you’ll need to narrow it down if possible.

The music has no skipping, sounds perfect.

Let me describe in more detail, what I’m experiencing. Say a Tidal MQA album is playing, I want to look at the jazz MQA albums I have tagged (73 of my 20k total albums). I select the tag and wait for the albums to display with takes 4 minutes, during which time the Roon app is unresponsive (the music continues to play). Eventually the albums populate and I have screen control again. The behavior does not change if I disconnect the USB cable. So I no longer think this is related in any way to the Mytek dac.

Nevermind, all is well now. It was a problem with the installation of the Mytek drivers.

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Thanks for taking the time to let everyone know the resolution of your issue. Cheers and enjoy the music!

I had trouble with the Mytek drivers too. It took around five downloads and an hour on the phone with the dealer to get everything working right. Good now though.