New NUC ROCK to replace Nucleus question

I’m building a NUC ROCK to replace my gen 1 Nucleus that’s getting kind of slow. I had intended to move the music storage SSD from the Nucleus to the ROCK but I’m wondering if it’s better to just get a new SSD and transfer the music from the Nucleus to the ROCK.

How does that affect my library if I do that?
Will I have to start over scanning and re-editing my library?

I’m trying to avoid damage to my library because it’s taken me five years to get it the way I want it. Thanks for any input from the community.

Please take a look at the following guide, and reply here if you have further questions.

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If it were me, I’d have a carbon copy/clone available on an offline HDD or SSD, just in case. And I’d probably move over the existing SSD - 5 years isn’t that long. But others would take the excuse to swap out a piece of hardware that might fail. It’s all risk perception.

The link @Martin_Webster posted is very good.

SSDs wear out - but music storage is very undemanding - so it’s probably fine to move it.

BUT you may need to reformat when you install in the ROCK - so back up all your music anyway.

Remember the Roon backup is only the Roon database, not your media.

Yeah, I’ve got multiple backups of all my music. I think I’ll swap it out and hope for the best. Maybe you guys can help me with the sequence of events. Is this correct?

  1. Install ROCK to the new NUC.
  2. Move core to new NUC.
  3. Restore backup to new NUC.
  4. Move SSD to new NUC.

Looks correct to me.

If you end up needing to format the SSD, worth stopping the core while you copy the music to the SSD over the network. Start the core again when you finish.

Prevents roon constantly scanning

And when you first start the new core, it’s easy to miss the ‘restore’ option and login. You don’t need to login, just choose the restore option.

Thanks for the help everybody. Roon community is the best.

Not that I’m an expert here but the following in step one in the Roon help link

If you’re moving your collection to the internal drive of a new machine, do that now

would seem to suggest your no. 4 is not correct?


You’re right John B and I think I just ran into that problem. Thanks for the heads up.