New Nucleus+ lost control of audio device

Minor issue, relatively, but it’s a brand new device so I’m coming to the forum after a hard search.

I have a new Nucleus Plus (running Roon 2.0 build 1182) connected via USB to a McIntosh MA8900 DAC. Nucleus web-based config page shows no problems.

If I go into my McIntosh’s “Device Setup” with a song playing, the music immediately stops and it throws up an error: “Roon lost control of audio device”. This comes up even if I don’t change anything, just clicking on “Device Setup” causes this.

I’ve been using Roon on other platforms, particularly MacOS and have gotten into device setup while music is playing many times with no issues.

So for the meantime, I’ll stop doing this, but it seems like it should not be a problem at all. Any ideas?

EDIT: Sorry, forgot. Running a CAT 8 Ethernet Cable direct from wall to Nucleus+ its behind a router and switch. This is the same networking I’ve used with Roon for a while. No Wi-Fi is my point. It does this on local or streamed files from either Tidal or Qobuz

Doug, is it possible to replace the Cat 8 cable with a Cat 6 cable? Cat 8 cables are designed for extremely high-speed professional datacenter systems and have a grounding connection on them that consumer electronics do not have. This may cause a connectivity issue that may be partially responsible for the behavior you are experiencing.

Yes - thank you. I’ll give it a shot.

My house is about 20 years old and has cat 5e throughout. I couldn’t verify I had a Cat 6 for the run from the wall plate to the Nucleus but I tried a 5e and it didn’t solve the issue.

I have some Cat 6 on order (I could use some anyway) and I will give those a try.

I don’t know much about networking, but I would assume that Cat 5e and Cat 6 are not dramatically different in terms of capability. Otherwise, I’ll need to explore updating the wiring from the router.


That is correct, for most home installations, Cat 5e and Cat 6 are equivalent.

Thank you.

The behavior exists with multiple DACs I tried via USB, so unless there is something about Linux or Roon OS that doesn’t allow opening device settings while playing back without interruption, I’ll have to avoid the behavior and assume its some sort of problem with the Nucleus Plus. My Mac never seemed to care if I opened device settings during playback.

Not ideal but not a huge deal. I may try using a Roon Ready streamer in the middle just as an experiment. But all my stuff is in the same room (DAC, Core, Stereo, Me) and I’d rather keep things simple with USB.

I’ll also try the diff Ethernet cable when it shows up. I may also try a diff USB cable but I’d be very surprised if that was it.

Anyway, thanks.

Macs and PCs have much broader support for USB interfaces than some Linux distributions. You Mcintosh may require a specific driver for it to work on Linux-based systems. Looking at your 8900 specifications, there is no Ethernet input, so, and this is only my opinion, a network streamer may be required to mitigate any issues with a USB input from the Nucleus Plus.

One alternative would be to use a USB to Optical converter/DAC to place between your Nucleus Plus and the 8900, taking USB output from the Nucleus Plus and converting it to TOSLINK for input to one of the 8900’s optical inputs. I use a Topping D10 to take USB from one of my PC endpoints and convert it to TOSLINK for input to some active monitors. Alternately, if you have a Chromecast Audio or Apple AirPort Express, you can use that as a test for wirelessly outputting optical as an input to your 8900.

Thanks very much for the assist. Thus far the only issue I’m experiencing with USB is this not being able to play music and go into device setup at the same time. The MA8900 has a couple of coax digital inputs. I may opt to run my Bluesound Node 2i into one of those.

Yes, your Node 2i has both a TOSLINK optical output as well as an S/PDIF coax output, either of which can be used on the 8900. As the 2i is Roon Ready, you won’t lose any quality. Roon recommends network interfaces for its connections.

Please update if this works for you.

Happy New Year!

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I routed the audio from ethernet to an unmanaged switch, Ethernet to Nucleus+ and Bluesound Node 2i, and COAX from my Node 2i to my MA8900 and I can mess around with Device Setup during playback, no errors.

Quite the workaround, and I never had this issue with Roon Server on MacOS with USB DACs, however, it did solve the issue.


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Excellent and glad to hear it is all sorted Doug.

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