New Nucleus +; remote cannot connect, network seems ok [Resolved - Power Button found]

The Nucleus + I ordered from you (Order # 52267) arrived. I unboxed, installed SSD, Ethernet plugged in, power plugged in, Remote apps installed on Mac latest (10.14.2) and on iPhone 12.1.3. New Cat7 shgielded Ethernet cable is plugged into same switch flawlessly streaming Naim NDX 2 iRadio or Tidal. Power plugged into the 19v port and Ethernet flashing both on back of the switch and back of the Nucleus. Fing identifies the Nucleus as live by most recently discovered device. Network is Google WiFi, automatically updated. Wifi is used only as a backbone and for handheld devices, all others wired to switches. All other WiFi and Ethernet to WiFi work.

Neither Remote app, either on the MacOS or the iPhone can find the Roon Core on Nucleus +. Again, the Ethernet LED is flashing and FING shows reachability.

Troubleshooting Actions

Removed the SSD, no change.

Changed Ethernet cables for another new one, no change.

Removed power connector from power strip and plugged into wall running Naim system. no change.

Moved to another wall plug, no change.

Naim NDX2 is streaming connected to the same switch connected to the same Google WiFi mesh extender.

*** NOTE: Your documentation states there should be a white LED near the power connector. There is no such light shining and close inspection using a light on head does not find any such LED opening, either at the power connector, the front of the machine, underneath, or anywhere else.

So what do I do? Is this a defective unit?

Brief addition:

Fing discovered no open ports on this now stock device. That may be why I cannot connect.

Please advise. – melissa

@Melissa_E_Davis with Fing do you get an IP address shown for the Core? if so try entering that into a browser and if you get a web page showing please post that screenshot here.

Flagging @support for you and moving this to the Nucleus area

If the unit is turned on, the power switch knob should indeed have a white LED. I also suggest following up on wizardofoz’s advice. Identify the IP address of the nucleus and that of your remote device. They should be part of the same network subnet (e.g. 192.168.0.x, 192.168.1.x, 10.0.0.x, …).

In both Safari and Chrome, typed in Received << Not Found >>

Typed http://ip addres and https://ip address, also received < Not Found >>


I guess wait for support to chime in with anything ideas or perhaps an RMA will be needed.

I have connection now. Noobie error, I had no clue where the power switch was or that there was one.

When I pushed this rectangle within a rectangle, everything just worked.

I see Roon in macOS Finder. Reinstalled the OS, per instruction.

Now working on the shares.

Thanks wizardofoz and Nepherte

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Reminds me of good old IT Crowd :slight_smile:

I don’t understand how FING would show a device IP address if the Nucleus was not up and running…maybe it was for another device then?

Network card might be “on” enough for a Mac address to get a wake on LAN ping for example.

On a brand new Nucleus I doubt that is going to be happening…DHCP is a function of the OS that needs to be booted up - so I’m betting it was something else thats maybe unidentified as a vendor by Fing. The NIC is probably getting only enough power to flash the TX/RX & Bitrate LED’s like any PC of recent years will do with power to the motherboard.

Anyway all good for the TS

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