New Nucleus Replacing Mac

I followed the instructions to migrate from my Mac Mini to the Nucleus I received today. Can’t find the library. Asks me to log on every time I try to restart, says I’m already connected.

Per the Migration Guide,

I backed up my library that is on a NAS to a folder on the NAS (ROON BACKUP)

Followed the instructions to add a shared folder. Could not connect with the path specified in Apple finder ( I tried several times triple checking the path as specified in Finder ) could not connect, errors…

I experimented with a simplified path and found the NAS and backup folder. Got it to restore, so the screen said, took a while.

Where do I go from here?

Sorry for the trouble, @Peter_Armstrong!

Can you share a screenshot of exactly what you’re seeing at the moment? That’ll help us understand what the next steps will be here. Thanks!

The nucleus does not find the library on the NAS,
Here’s what I’m seeing:

I cannot seem to add a network share if that’s the next step

Here are some more screen shots:

And to be clear, what I want to do is move my library to the 1TB drive in the nucleus and then backup to the NAS.
If I cant do that… how do I return the Nucleus for a refund?

I assume this has been closed since I get no response to my posts.

Why is your Nucleus internal storage disabled? What you need to do is very simple:

  1. Open a File Explorer (WIndows 10) or Finder (macOS), go to your music/multimedia for your NAS
  2. Drag and drop all the music files to your home screen on the Roon GUI window, and wait as it may take a long time

That’s it really

3 To backup, you need to tell Roon to a a folder on your NAS. The network share folder name is on the File Explorer or you Finder.

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Just like @JimF, mine looks like the following:

Btw, the Nucleus is an incredible device, I am very pleased with it and regretted that I did not replace my Mac Mini 2012 no sooner. My music now sounds much better.


No, it has not been closed, but the Support team of Roon Labs is small, and the queue of support requests can be long at times. They will respond as soon as they can.

In the meantime, like other members of the community who have replied to you, I’m finding your screenshots very confusing. You seem to have renamed your Nucleus with the name of your NAS (NAS 1862) for some reason. Can you list the IP addresses of your Nucleus, your NAS and your Mac? That might help to clear up the confusion a little. Thanks.

Thanks Geoff, indeed it’s confusing. Here are the ip addresses: is the Nucleus is my Nas. NAS1862 is the Mac Mini

I have formatted the drive in the Nucleus, but not attempted to put anything on it. I’ll sit tight and await advice.

Hi @Peter_Armstrong

Starting out, I’d first like to understand what you’re hoping to do here. I see that you have Internal Storage installed on the Nucleus. Are you hoping to move your collection to internal storage and run everything locally, or are you wanting to continue to keep your music on the NAS?

Knowing which path you’re hoping to take will help us understand what we need to do next. Thanks!

Thank you Dylan.
Yes indeed, I hope to move the collection to internal storage and just use the NAS for backup.

Perfect, okay, thanks for the clarification, Peter. So for next steps, we have two options, both outlined here:

Depending on the number of albums you’re importing, Drag and Drop will be the easiest option. If you have a lot of albums, it might be best to connect via SMB to the Nucleus and copy the files to Internal Storage that way.

Can you give one of those a try? If you run into any issues just let me know where you’re stuck and I can assist!

I think I’d like to connect via smb. How do I do that.

Or——- yesterday I copied my library to a usb drive. 1,561 folders. What happens if I plug that into a USB port on the nucleus?

You can use the USB drive for storage, but this doesn’t transfer files automatically to Internal Storage or anything.

From our Help Center:

SMB Connection (Alternate Option)

You can copy music to this drive by visiting the network share:

  1. From a Windows PC

  2. Open File Explorer

  3. Enter \NUCLEUS\Data\Storage\InternalStorage

  4. If you have issues connecting, please see this article for additional help

  5. From a Mac

  6. Open Finder

  7. Press Command + K

  8. Enter smb://NUCLEUS/Data/Storage/InternalStorage

Be sure to replace NUCLEUS with NUCLEUSPLUS if you have a Nucleus+ If asked for a username and password, use Guest for both.

Once you’re connected you just need to copy the files to the Internal Storage folder, as if you were copying it anywhere else.

Thanks, I’ll try it now.

Some file transferred smoothly, of course others didn’t. I’ll try some manual drag and drop. The files that moved, Tidal, and internet radio play through the usb output of the Nucleus. The airplay devices show in the audio selection, but nothing plays on them.

I have disabled and then enabled each of the devices. When this audio zone is selected, the play key reverts to pause and will not play.