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I think I know why Roon is giving a free hard drive with purchase of a Nucleus,I just got mine and started it up and it sounds like an old type writer. Can hear it ticking away sitting about 13ft.back in my recliner. Really hate to have to return this but this is not acceptable. Guess I could remove the drive and use an external drive that I had been using with my i5 sonictransporter but that defeats part of the reason for the upgrade.

Hey @Len-ski,

I am so sorry we’ve missed on your post for an entire week…:pleading_face:. Please, accept my sincere apology.

I’m very sorry to hear that you’re experiencing such high noises coming from your Nucleus…it is expected for a Nucleus with a spinning internal drive (as opposed to an SSD) to have an audible sound. Do you feel it’s more than that?

If you still have the Nucleus, could you please make a short recording and share it with us? We’d love to figure out if something is wrong.

Thanks in advance :pray:

The clicking sounds I experienced upon initial start up of the unit has since gotten much quieter. It’s no longer a problem. I installed Roon OS on the internal drive and have my library on a usb external drive as per the advice from another member here that I shouldn’t install Roon OS on the same drive as my library. Everything is working great and I am very happy with my new Nucleus.


Hello @Len-ski,

How wonderful to hear :partying_face:

Thank you for taking a moment to share this with us. We’re happy you’re happy with the Nucleus.

Should any questions come up, we’re here for you :nerd_face:

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