New Nucleus Won't Log In [Resolved - Update]

Just got my Nucleus. It’s all hooked up, connected to the network, but it won’t log in. Seems like it can’t access the internet. System is wired to Comcast Router/Gateway via ethernet. I can access the IP address from my desktop. The old core on my PC works just fine. The new Nucleus is not connecting to the internet, so I ultimately get an error like so.

Everything else went perfect so far, but as of now it’s just an expensive paper weight.

Dave Gibson

I updated the OS and I can now connect and log in. This shouldn’t be as big of a challenge as it seems to be, however, no harm no foul.

Dave Gibson

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Hey @David_Gibson,

I’m glad that you were able to get this resolved with the update! If any other issues or questions come up please feel free to reach out!

Kind regards,

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