New Pi3 and HiFiBerry Project

Shopping for Pi’s today and would appreciate some suggestions. Planning on getting:

Pi3 model B
HiFiBerry DAC+

Would like to receive hardware no later than Fri so that I can spend this long weekend with rain in the forecast tinkering with this stuff.

I see various kits on Amazon - CanaKit, VilrosKit, LoveRpi kit, etc.

Thoughts on these kits? Go with one or buy parts separately? Things to watch out for?

I want to make sure that the case I get will accommodate the Pi w/DAC+ HAT. Also want to make sure the power supply is decent.

Appreciate suggestions - Thanks!

Kits are fine and convenient, but you might get more stuff than you need (ie, a spare HDMI cable). I bought a kit from Amazon and it works great.

As far as power supplies go, there was a link higher in the thread with measurements showing that the Pi’s output for different qualities of PS were identical.

Thanks for the reply. Do you mind if i ask which kit you went with? Did it include a case and if so, could the included case accomododate the DAC+ HAT?

The exact one I got (black case) isn’t on amazon anymore for some reason, but this looks otherwise exactly like what I have but with a clear case:

My understanding is that you need a different case with any HAT.

Hope that helps!

I got antsy yesterday and pulled the trigger on the following (2 of ea)

Pi Kit

DAC+ pro


Looking forward to installing DietPi and Roon bridge.

Plan is to replace the two Squeezebox Duets currently in place with these two new Pis for comparison…

Should be a fun project for a long weekend with rain in the forecast…

Don’t be disappointed when installing DietPi and Roon takes a half hour and you’re left with the rest of the weekend to stare out the window at the rain :slight_smile:

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Ha! Well, if DietPi and Roon Bridge only takes 30 min to get up and running, then that’ll just leave me more time to dig into the nuts and bolts of Roon.

I’m still in the trial period, having just installed last week and I haven’t spent a whole lot of time with it yet. Looking forward to really digging in…Need to get the audio settings dialed in, and there’s also a fair amount of Artists images and other metadata changes that I’d like to make…

Mission HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro/DietPi/Roon Bridge accomplished. That wasn’t too painful at all…actually pretty fun!

Trying to get the audio settings dialed in now. Had some issues, made some changes and things sound good now, but I’d like to get a better understanding as I am not an audiophile with lots of fancy gear (don’t own any DACs, modest consumer AV receivers, etc…) Let me explain my setup:

I replaced two Squeezebox Duets with the Pi’s. Both Squeezeboxes were using analog outputs feeding EQs which feed modest AV receivers.

In one setup, I just replaced the Duet with the Pi and everything was fine. In the other setup, The sound was over driven and distorted. I bypassed the EQ in that setup and now it sounds better. In Roon I have the following settings:

Zone Settings - Volume Levelling Off (using replay gain tags instead)
DSP Engine: On

Volume Control - DSP Volume
Set Max Device Volume at Playback Start - Yes
Headroom Management - Enabled -3dB

This is working now, but are there different settings that would allow me to put the EQ back in the path for the one setup?

Don’t laugh too hard, guys…